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Walk in Our Shoes welcomes contributions from men and women who are childless not by choice. We love to hear your success stories, advice and responses to difficult questions. Maybe thank someone for their help. Your photo must be of your feet. Dress up in your best shoes, show off a tattoo or wear the shoes that have brought you comfort.

We absolutely value your privacy. In submitting your story we do not have access to your email address and you do not have to use your real name. We cannot sell or send data. We will post the static image from the site on our Facebook page so we can inspire and support our community. We never tag anyone or associate the author unless you request this (please advise in your story text). This is to protect confidences and privacy. In submitting your story, you allow us permission share the content in this way. We do not accept any contributions from parents be that through IVF or through any other route due to the concept of the project and we are sure you understand why.

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