It is amazing what can trigger you. Last April 1st I logged on to find that my friend, let's call her Melanie for this is my former friend's name (!) was pregnant.

By 12noon she was not.

It was a rather poor taste April Fool joke.

So my post is asking people not to do this. This is why. Three times in my life I have had held a pregnancy test in my hand and believed myself to be pregnant. Three times I have been to a scan and found that I was no longer pregnant.

There are one in 10 couples who will be seeing their GP for help because unlike the trickster, they are devasted by not being able to have a child. Each month they find that the pregnancy test doesn't show the line on it and it's not funny at 8am, 9am or even after 12 noon.

One in 4 of your friends will see that update and be genuinely upset because they have gone past the point of trying with no hope, and are considering a life without children.

Becky Thompson on a wonderful post published in 2014 on her blog said 'you won’t see many status updates that say something along the lines of, “Still not pregnant. #whenwillitbemyturn” Because for many, the journey to pregnancy it is a deeply emotional process. It’s not something that comes up in everyday discussions'.

It's not being sensitive, this is about you being grown up and understanding that it's very likely that your status update could have the power to really hurt someone you care about. So this year, be a bit more creative about your joke.

Thank you.