There are 365 days. But there is one day in March that threatens to kill me every single year.

Mother's Day

It's worse because my birthday is on Sunday too. I detest that each year I get older and my chances of being a mum are less.

What saves me are good friends who I trust, my gorgeous dog and just accepting it's crap. I try to limit time online and I invite friends in the similar situation as me for lunch. We met through a support group and I can't imagine being without them now.

We'll take our dogs out and try to reclaim the day. You can't completely but you can at least feel you're being a tiny bit more empowered.

I used to try to wield a campaign on social media, constantly posting memes and reminders that it's hurtful but it eats you up. You realise that you are probably hidden to mums and they aren't listening anyway so stop trying. Leave the educating for another time when you are less angry and use your energy to find the ones that cheer you up and inspire.

We can get through this with good friends.