Lucy, 40

'Have you thought about fostering or adoption?' It’s a question I'm asked every time I say that I can't have children. I always reply it's not for me. For one, because of my job and ridiculous shifts I wouldn't be accepted and secondly I don't know if I'm the right person to be trying to care for children from broken homes.

Although saying that, I have adopted. Or should I say my husband and I have been chosen to care?

Almost six years ago a little half starved fur baby turned up in our garden, after my husband gave him my ham from my work lunches and it was snatched out of his hand he decided to buy some proper food. After a few months this little boy grew stronger and started to trust us, then finally moved in realising that his previously owners had abandoned him. Now he is a rather big boy who is very contented in our house.

Okay, so I'm talking about a cat but if my husband hadn't seen him that cold winter day he would have died. I love Dopey (husband named him, not me) to bits and when I'm down or feeling unwell he will always come and sit on me (he's not normally a lap cat). It's like he knows I need a little loving too. Without him I know that some days would be much harder to get through.

So next time I'm asked about fostering or adoption I think I'll respond by saying that I'm the one that's been adopted by a beautiful fur baby.