Maria, 41

I work in human resources and I’ve experienced miscarriage and loss myself. My husband is infertile and our ICSI journey was not successful.

I have tried very hard to make sure that our company supports men and women who have been through the same journey. I am in a position to make changes and it’s the very least I can do. The policies in most places are woefully inadequate and human resource teams seem baffled by something that affects one in 5 couples. That’s a large part of the workforce - I don’t mean Facebook or Apple’s egg freezing policies. If that’s the best that a company can do, it’s not an answer. It’s not always successful and hugely invasive.

We have counselling in place. We ask pregnant colleagues to be respectful to anyone who is struggling to cope and keep an open, but confidential, door. We keep baby showers and celebrations to lunch times in places away from desks so people can decide to go rather than feel overwhelmed. I’ve been honest in my staff profile about my journey. If I can help just one person cope better than I did, I will. Companies have to show more empathy.