One night, when I was 37, I woke up soaking wet. Taking off my soaked sleepwear, I retreated to the guest room. This was it. Seven years after my ovarian tumour, the damaged affected areas removed and treatment had concluded, as predicted, I was entering early onset menopause.

Over the next year, I became hyper positive. My skin colour that had caused me to suffer so much racial abuse when I lived in the UK had now become my saviour, no-one could see my hot flushes. Living in a warm climate too meant everyone was feeling warm, not just me and having to carry lots of sanitary wear was becoming a thing of the past!

Outwardly, I looked the same and acted like a teenager still so my psyche was great and continues to be so. As the saying goes about looking at a glass half full or empty, for me it's not about whether the glass is half empty or half full, it's whether there is something in the glass at all!

So I couldn't be a mother, I could not adopt. But since birth until my death, I am Nuria. That has and will not change only the potential options open to me did. It wasn't my fault, I could not change the outcome so that’s how I cope, because the ache and want never really goes away, I have just learnt to control it.

In conclusion, live, do not exist! Make a difference, as I did, I became a teacher!