Society refers to me as childless. I prefer calling myself an angel mum, of 4, all affected by the same condition. My husband and I both have the same faulty gene, resulting in 1 in 4 pregnancies being affected, our angels knew better, they were all affected, not just 1 of them.

Seven years on and me knocking on the door of 50; the decision made a good few years ago to stop trying for that '3 in 4' child. Now my body has made that decision too. It is time to move on. Not to forget, not to get over but learn to live with & move on.

Society makes being childless difficult. Just like we never thought that it would happen to us, it seems that society never expects to meet a woman without children, even though it knows that childlessness exists. Throwaway questions are asked - 'Do you have children?' is one of them. It's the one question in the world that I dreaded. I'm not one to shock or surprise, I never wanted to be different or stand out from the crowd or worse, lie. As soon as I heard that question I knew that my answer would make me do just that, apart from lying, that never felt right.

Part of my moving on is to write a book documenting my journey of freeing myself of the challenges that I face as a childless mother in a child-centric world. One of those challenges is finding an answer to THAT question, so far I have found that it depends on the person asking & the situation. So far, that works & that's a big step in my shoes, in the right direction.