Tomorrow is it Father’s Day in the UK. My father passed away ten years ago. He had severe head injuries after a road accident so it hasn’t been celebrated that much in our family. I take time out, much as I’ve done growing up. When my dad was well, he was a bit of scoundrel to be honest! So it’s not just because I’m not a dad that this day doesn't hold much meaning.

Ironically I was responsible for the marketing copy that probably makes you want to hit your computer. In January, I’d be planning the campaigns for Father’s Days and drafting the words and it’s all about sales and nothing to do with being able to father a child. Marketing people are only eyeing up the wallet with no thought to loss or grief. After we failed the adoption process, I left the job and trained as a gardener, it’s so much more soulful to create and tend to gardens.

It doesn’t hurt so much as Mother’s Day affects my wife, I guess I have taken the time to create distance. I don’t do a lot of social media these days anyway and spend the day walking our dog and of course it’s usually a football event to watch.